History of Cross Country Skiing

The cross-country skiing style is the earliest of winter sports that became a need for a male to travel on land was covered in snow, and it was created as a sporting activity in the late NINETEENTH century. For centuries, in snow-covered areas, skis were needed to go after the target and also gather firewood throughout the winter season. With cross countries to travel between small separated cities as well as harsh snowy winter times, snowboarding additionally became famous as a means of staying in social get in touch with. The word “ski” is a Norwegian word that originates from the Nordic word “skate.”

What is cross-country skiing?

The cross-country winter sports are that professional athletes or joggers as they are also called stroll cross countries uphill or with a technological climb, downhill using a technological downhill and even on level terrain or technical level.

The cross country skiers are furnished with light and also narrow skis and with a pair of walking canes that they utilize to be able to drive and is practiced in areas with waviness and even levels.


The cross-country snowboarding is among the sports of even more ancient times, with more than 5,000 years of existence, this mode lacks an uncertainty the sporting activity’s oldest globe. With the feet connected to the bones of pets, the very first innkeepers that existed on the planet going searching in the mountainous areas of Northern Europe. In addition to functioning to move from one area to another, the method additionally had its essential part throughout the battle as well as allowed 12th-century soldiers to travel on snow.

As early as 1843, Norwegians transformed this setting of mobility right into a hobby as well as a sporting activity, as well as this, is where cross-country snowboarding is birthed, as an enjoyable. It was then that the very first cross-country ski competitions started to be arranged.

In Chamonix, in 1924, Nordic skiing ended up being an Olympic sporting activity. The men’s occasion debuted at the very first Wintertime Olympics in Chamonix in 1924 as well as the women’s event debuted at the 1952 Oslo Games. The Nordic nations have generally controlled sporting activity.

From cross-country skiing or cross-country skiing, the different types of skiing we know today derive, therefore it was the first in its origin, becoming a trendy sport in northern Europe, long before Alpine skiing.

Its history goes back 5,000 years. Its roots are in Norway and Russia, where cross-country skiing was the way to move from one place to another during the long, harsh winters and was also used as a means of transport and hunting. It is known that as early as the 10th century, the Vikings usually moved on skis and it was these who in their conquests and campaigns spread the use of skis across different lands of Europe.

At that time, the different types of ski were not differentiated and were used according to the varied demands of the terrain: flat, ascending, or descending. The First World War served to develop skiing, thanks to the Special Troops of skiers who spread knowledge of the technique.

Norway was the pioneer country in cross-country skiing competitions, the first races were held in 1879, and by 1892 there were already some consolidated as the famous Holmenkollen. During the 19th century, skiing became a sport. In winter 1924 cross-country skiing became part of the Olympic Games.

The real boom in cross-country skiing developed in the late 1960s, when from the Nordic countries it leaped towards southern Europe. In Italy, at the end of the decade, it became a mass sport thanks to the successes achieved by several Italian runners of the time. Today in the day cross-country skiing is a discipline ideally consolidated and known to the majority, which is gaining more and more followers in our country.

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