Competitive Skiing

The term ski comes from the French ski, which in turn comes from the Norwegian language. This is called an elongated skate used to slide over water or snow. By extension, sport and recreational activity on these boards are called skiing.

The first skis were made of wood. Different materials, such as titanium, carbon fiber, and others, are often combined today. The skis are more extensive on the tail and the tip than in the central sector, where the fixation is located: the skier’s boot is hooked there. The person also uses batons to boost and maintain balance. As a discipline, skiing can be practiced recreationally or competitively. The most popular is skiing on snow, usually in the mountains with slopes prepared for this activity.

There are many benefits that it is considered to bring about skiing in the snow. In particular, among these stand out some such as that will tone up the muscles of the body, which is achieved release the stress, which will improve the abdominal and even that strengthens the back, thus avoiding the onset of pain.

In the same way, it is also highlighted that it helps to improve body coordination, concentration capacity, agility, and even balance.

One of the best-known ski modes is alpine skiing. In this case, the skier must descend along a slope in the shortest possible time and respecting a path marked on the circuit.

Mountain Competitive skiing

The first mountain skiing competitions were held in 1893 in Germany. In 1924 mountain skiing was part of the first Winter Olympic Games held in Chamonix, France. In competitive mountain skiing, the participants have to carry out, on their skis, races through the high winter mountain, this modality aims to bring together, in competition, the best mountain skiers and teams, promote mountain skiing among the young and improve the sports level of the participants.

Competitive skiing for people with functional diversity

Grandvalira celebrated last Saturday in the sector of El Tarter the action ‘world champions in solidarity’, a day that has allowed to bring the mountain and the world of competitive skiing to people with functional diversity. It is one of the different activities that have been organized as events before the celebration of the finals of the World Cup Andorra 2019, which will be held from 11 to 17 March, and which has served to enhance the most supportive part of the event.

People with functional diversity attended the day, the majority of users of the specialized school Nostra Senyora De Meritxell (EENSM), who have been able to experience in the first person the sensations they have skiing through a competition track. Also, they have been able to pass the doors of a small slalom layout.

The descent has been made with chairs adapted and accompanied by the members of the hi Arribarem collective, who have been in charge of ensuring their safety at all times. Hi, Arribarem is a non-profit Andorran Association whose mission is to make it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy the mountains, both in summer and in winter, making all the means available to them.